KUALA TAHAN, 25 SEPTEMBER 2022 – Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has participated in the Taman Negara Jungle Raid 2022 in Taman Negara, Pahang, by sending two motorcycle models to compete, namely WMOTO SX2-300 and MOTO MORINI X-CAPE 650 X. This is the first appearance of both models at a motorcycle racing event. A total of 241 riders from 15 countries have already taken up the challenge to conquer the rugged routes around the National Park and Pahang Forest Reserve.

The event witnessed success for both models as the WMOTO SX2-300 finished seventh overall and was the third Malaysian rider to finish the race. This means it can beat and leave about 60 other competing motorcycles behind.

MOTO MORINI X-CAPE 650 X finished the race in 15th place and was the second Malaysian rider to successfully overcome the challenges and obstacles on the tough trails despite the bike having an adventouring and lifestyle-themed frame design.

It surprised the audience and the other competitors because these two models were only launched in the middle of this year and are still new in the Malaysian market. Furthermore, these two models do not add any extra accessories or perform excessive modifications except to change the tires and exhaust that are more suitable for off-road use.

Naturally, it is not something easy for our racers to finish this race due to the challenging geographical conditions of the route, which is more challenging compared to the route used in the previous Rimba Raid series. With a race distance of 155km, it takes a good skill, mentality, stamina, and the best racing machine to complete this race. However, the riders representing WMOTO SX2-300 and MOTO MORINI X-CAPE 650 X proved the durability and capability of these motorcycles and that they are suitable for rugged and hardcore use.

With the results announced by the Rimba Raid organizers today, Mforce will continue to refine and improve the strategy used for the next Rimba Raid or other competitions.