SERDANG, 6 MAY 2023 – In conjunction with the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 held at MAEPS Serdang, Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd took this opportunity to launch a new 125cc scooter model, the WMOTO GEMMA 125. With a basic selling price starting at RM6,988.00, this scooter has two optional color; Refined Gray and Special Purple.

The WMOTO GEMMA 125 is equipped with an air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 117.3cc, which can produce a maximum power of 8.31Hp at 7,500rpm, and a maximum torque of 9.3Nm at 6,000rpm. This scooter uses a 13 diameter roller rocker that reduces friction, which helps to reduce mechanical damage and extend the life of the swing arm and camshaft.

For the screen panel display, WMOTO GEMMA 125 uses a 3.5-inch TFT type screen where the data displayed is clearer and easier to read. As standard, a USB charging port is also provided in the front compartment which makes it easy for riders to charge electronic devices while riding.

The entire lighting system of this scooter uses full LED and the front light uses automotive grade LED with a brightness of 50K candela. The shape of the headlight uses a diamond-shaped design, further highlighting the features of this scooter. The design of the rear lights incorporates elements of retro style, showcasing a combination of modern and retro fashion styles.

WMOTO GEMMA 125 uses a Smart Key System or Passive Keyless Entry (PKE), which can have an automatic start function that is to activate and deactivate the vehicle. For storage under the seat, it can accommodate a 3/4 size helmet, with space to store personal items.

With every purchase of WMOTO Gemma 125, buyers can enjoy a two-year manufacturer guarantee or a 20,000 km travel distance (which arrives first) and online pure spare parts purchase service by Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

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MForce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is the official manufacturer and distributor of WMOTO since 2018. It is owned by our local Malaysians, Dato' Sri Tan Lean Heah. The brand development process involvesselecting motorcycle types and then bringing into Malaysia the production of prototypes, color selection, and graphics until the overall durability test of motorcycles is done with local expertise according to motorcycle enthusiasts' tastes in Malaysia.

Today, WMOTO has produced various motorcycles, and thousands of units are already in the local market. With a passion for product innovation, WMOTO is determined to maintain the motor's quality while providing a wonderful experience and sensation on every trip. WMOTO has long-term plans to strengthen its research and development, production, marketing, and services to become one of the world's leading motorcycle brands in addition to developing a more potent global network.

Email: marketing@mforce.my